PLEASE TAKE NOTE:  If you do not receive an offer you are automatically an alternate.  Please understand we have offers still outstanding and can't make new offers until the first is declined or the deadline is reached.  The OVR deadline is Nov 10th at 9pm. 

We will immediately pull from the Alternates List once an opening is available.   If you have any questions about this process, please contact me.

Player NameJersey #
Madeleine Lee (Wooster) 2
Faith Lengacher (Smithville) 3
Delaney Dudte (Norwayne) 4
Adrienne Johnson (Wooster) 5
Hope Salisbury (Waynedale) 7
Chloe Ruehling (Dalton)8
Gracie Bruce (Tuslaw)9
Baylie Hahn (Wooster) 14
Karlie Wohlgamuth (Norwayne) 24

Player NameJersey #
Lillian Klein (Wooster) 4
Kylie Radich (Fairless) 10
Preslie Wilson (Fairless) 13
Hannah Croskey (Orrville) 15
Elliannah Rohr (Tuslaw) 17
Lizzy Hill (Strasburg) 20
Cheyenne Kegley (Fairless) 22
London Thomas (Orrville) 45

Player NameJersey #
Shelby Lackey (Crestview) 3
Klein Allie (Fairless) 4
Addison Vizzo (Triway) 6
Sarah Eshenaur (Dalton) 11
Riley Wagner (Hillsdale) 22
Yanna Obringer (Ashland) 24
Madison Landis (Dalton) 25
Ashley Wentling (Fairless) 44
Kierra Ray (Wooster) ??