PLEASE TAKE NOTE:   We are trying to build TWO 15s teams this season.  All offers for both teams have been sent as of Monday morning Nov 15th.     The two rosters where selected based on player positions and the "rule of three" restriction we must adhere to. 

Roster changes MAY occur if offers are declined and we are forced to make adjustments as we pull players from the alternates list.  Thanks for your patience and understanding as we work through this process.

Player NameJersey #
Avery Burson (Waynedale)9
Abby Gonzales (Orrville)12
Kendall Rising (Waynedale)12
Caroline Dobbins (Chippewa)17
Emma McBride (Tuslaw)14
Ellie Stillings (Dalton)16
Morgan Ervin (Northwestern)22
Abby Cooper (Tuslaw)39

Player NameJersey #
Sara Maarschalk (LCCS)1
Tiara Williams (Buchtel)2
Hope Mickle (River View)4
Aniyah Smith (Wooster)10
Emily Boyd (Wooster)13
Rhys Lewis (Fairless)17
Hayden Peters (Dalton)18
Lila Feil (Smithville)22