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Welcome to Kidron Volleyball!

Online Store Reopens

Carmichael Sports will open its online store for the next 10 days.  The website is:

No login or password is required.  Simply order the items you wish.  The store will be open through February 12.


Kidron Volleyball to Celebrate Tenth Season!


The Kidron Volleyball Club will celebrate its 10th season in 2016!  During the past decade, we have worked with hundreds of young female athletes, helping them to develop fundamental volleyball skills and teaching them how to bring a competitive attitude to the game. 

Tournament Information and Directions
Information regarding tournaments can be accessed from the Ohio Valley Region website (  To retrieve information about an upcoming tournament, please click here, and then provide the relevant criteria.  Once you have located your tournament, click the Players' Info link to retrieve all the details, including starting times and directions. 

Sportsmanship Statement

The Kidron Volleyball Club is committed to the very highest standards of sportsmanship for players, coaches, parents, family members and friends.  Disrespect and negative criticism of officials, teammates, opponents, opponents' coaches, parents and others is entirely unacceptable.  We (players, parents, and coaches) all represent the club, so let's be sure to do so in an honorable, dignified, graceful, and respectful manner.

Bad Weather and Practices
As a reminder, when the weather is bad, please never take risks if you are not comfortable with the driving conditions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact John Finn at

Thank you!



Former Kidron Volleyball Club standouts (from left) Sarah Varcolla (Youngstown State), Tori Leskovyansky (Walsh University), and Sydney Mast (Cleveland State) reunite during a match between Youngstown State and Cleveland State on Oct. 30.

Former Kidron Volleyball Club standouts Marlowe Beatty, Alyson Near, and Carolyn Beatty helped to lead Mount Vernon Nazarene University to the national tournament.




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